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Virginity - With Time CD DPC-008

The debut 10-track LP from Virginity, "With Time". This is a new band from Daytona Beach, a project from our friend Casey Crawford. CDs will ship mid-June

For fans of Midtown, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Osker, Modern Baseball

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"At age 30 I found myself dealing with an enormous amount of anger that I’d repressed from a childhood that was, I realize now, fraught with anxiety, depression and mental abuse.

I understand now that it’s not normal to stay home from school crying for a week at age 11. I recognize that it’s not normal for a parent to drag an entire family from bed and scream at them at 6 AM on a Saturday morning because someone put a dish in the wrong spot. When you’re a kid though, your normal is your normal.

These songs are/were my way of dealing with that and dealing with the idea that, while I am getting older, there is still time for me to be better and do better. I’m not yet defined.

Or at least I don’t have to be.

I could not have written any of this without the love and support of my wife and children.

Jim Nefferdorf was a childhood hero and now a best bud. He played many things, namely the drums, and produced this album at his home studio. It is good because he is good.

A big thanks also goes to: Jordan Shroyer, Jesse Spiker, Bob Hughes and Zach Bennett for adding their voices to the mix. Also, Jeremy “Skatune Network” Hunter for playing trombone on “With Time”.

I hope you find some catharsis in these songs or at least find a tune or two you’d like to yell along to.


- Casey"

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