Death Protector Collective

Dikembe - Ledge 7"

"A suite of new songs from Dikembe, Ledge is a self-study on feeling overwhelmed and restless. Full of their classic wandering guitars, dramatic builds, and moody crooning, these 13 minutes will certainly give you something to linger on, if only to decipher the metaphors. Not quite as Brand New-inspired as Mediumship, but definitely a far cry from their debut Chicago Bowls EP, this 7" is a promising step moving forward for these Gainesville heroes" - Sarah Goodwin

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1. Worst in the Fury
2. Surfed in the Loft
3. Teeth in the Sink
4. Guts in the Brush

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
300 Clear Green
300 Lavender
400 Marble Blue