Death Protector Collective


DECEMBER 14TH - THE ATLANTIC in GAINESVILLE, FL if more tickets become available they will be posted here.

Presented with generous help from THE FEST, SMARTPUNK, and VISIT GAINESVILLE

WAVELETS - some old Gainesville dudes who also play in Dikembe and Send Away Stranger and Prawn and other bands.

PRINCE DADDY & THE HYENA - our friends from NY who are relentlessly touring on their amazing new record Cosmic Thrill Seekers

DIKEMBE - that's us, we're from here

ZETA - our friends from Venezuela... but now Miami. you are lucky you get to see this band. doing music like no one else.

INSIGNIFICANT OTHER - i dont care, theyre still from Gainesville even though they live in Alabama now. Sim and friends making great pop music.

PALOMINO BLOND - young miami 90s grungey punk band

DEBT NEGLECTOR - orlando punk rippers, been in bands probably longer than you've been able to use your ears. fat wreck kind of punk, kind of

VIRGINITY - pop punk kid turned comedian turned pop punk dad, this band just put out their first record and have already played approx. 1000 shows.

OFF DAY - that new emo band from gainesville, with the noodly guitar parts, and i think they covered free throw once.